A Hobby that I was once very into is Gaming, which was a favorite activity for some,e years not just recreational for entertainment but I liked the technical side.

Call of Duty United Offensive

PC Game Programming

This is the Xmen Gaming Mod, it has custom weapons, tripwires, and fun game effects. Built by me about 20 years ago was a very large gaming clan, can’t find the Xmen map and not going to remake it, but set up the server again with some fun maps from the day a trip down memory lane.

Flight Simulators

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flight Simulation on the ZX81 was is an amateur flight simulation program written by Psion and marketed by Sinclair Research for the Sinclair ZX81 was the first I ever played, from that point I was hooked. Played with the first Microsoft Flight Simulator in 1982 some 38 years ago!

I moved to X Plane 11 was so much better than MS Flight X but I have to say Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is simply the best yet, Microsoft is back.