Had an interest as long as I can remember, there are so many skills the learning never ends…

The Bushcraft Show

We have been at The Bushcraft Show from its start, at the outdoors show in London we got talking with bushcraft magazine about this show and signed up for the first in the lake district, it was there we first met Terry one of the founders of Bushscout UK.

Have only ever missed one event and that was for Essex Jamboree, there’s something exciting for everyone at this show and can Hiley recommend it, got to do many great training sessions at the shows and got to meet some great Bushcraft experts. 

Some of the well-known Bushcraft people I have been lucky to meet…

Bushscout UK

Bushscout.UK. is a National Scout Active Support Unit. A great scouting team that runs leader training days across 10 regions, sharing skills, and how to train them to young people.

The Bushscouts are also at some scouting events, Jamborees, Gilwell events, and some others. Both my wife and i love being part of this team, Valerie Hagan is an coordinator, i enjoy being an instructor.

 One of the big things is to get to a level to earn your scarf, when I got mine it became one of my prised positions.