Member of Venture Scouting Lodge 7897, The Only Scout Lodge in Essex and is just around the corner to Gilwell the hedqurters of Uk Scouting. 

Scouting and Freemasonry

Virtual Reunion was a resounding success and the KLA presented a session that explored the links between Scouting and Freemasonry. Made by Tony Harvy who wrote a great book on the subject.

I’m 3rd from the right in this old picture and was just an entered apprentice I am now a Master Maison and currently a Senior Deacon a junior officer in the lodge.

If you’re interested in becoming a Freemason I can highly recommend it, have made a lot of new friends, and attended other lodges as a guest, just ask me about Venture Scouting Lodge or visit the UGLE Site to find out more.