Geocaching is a great outdoor, it uses a Global Positioning System GPS or mobile phone GPS to find hidden objectives called “geocaches” or “caches”, and are everywhere all over the world or in your town you can find a cache.

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My Name is Geocachescouts

Geocaching Scout UK

I am also the founder of this project that now has over 4k membership across the UK. It started when I could not find any resources to run geocaching at Scouts, there was an out of date fact sheet and at the time it was the 3rd way a scout could gain the navigator’s badge, now there is a Scout Geocaching Activity Badge, shame it was not a staged badge but better than it was.

The idea was simple it gives all the info required to run the activity and a very popular PowerPoint that can be used to present all the rules of the sport.

Have run this Geocaching at a number of events, Gilwell, Essex jamboree, Scout School, and Leader training sessions for Scouty and Guide Leaders as well.


Geocaching Scouts UK Geocoin

This is a Geocoin, it’s trackable that sometimes is used by geocaching as a game piece, moving it from a cache to another cache you can become part of its journey.

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Please log your find of this page and tell us a little about yourself or if you have a scouting role I would love to hear about it.

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