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Building a personal website is easier than most of the other websites because you can add anything you want to your matrix.

Belchamps JOTA JOTI

Belchamps JOTA/JOTI – Jamboree On The Air / Jamboree On The Internet An annual global scouting event where thousands of Scouts and Guides from all over the world make contact with each other through amateur radio & the internet. Hi have been the event organizer for Belchamps since its start, it is one of the main reasons I trained to get the advanced amateur radio license.

Belchamps Scout Campsite & Activity Centre

Open all year round, we welcome all Youth Organisations and Schools, providing Adventure Activities and Outdoor Experiences. Their qualified instructor team is able to provide activities suitable for all age groups and abilities.

Bushscout UK

Bushscout.UK. National Scout Active Support Unit. The practical skills alliance! They are a national community of Scout Leaders who have a passion for teaching skills.

Essex Ham

Looking for information about amateur radio? Essex Ham offers news, details of training, helpful advice, a discussion forum, and lots of useful information. As part of their quest to make it easier for new people to get into the hobby, they offer a free Foundation Online Amateur Radio Training Course. A great way to get started!

Geocaching Scouts UK

Promoting geocaching and how it can be used in your Scouting or Guiding program, with Facebook to chat with other Geocaching Scouts or join us to get the extra member resources of Geocaching Scouts UK for free.